Solar System Installation by Sun City Solar

Sizing of a solar system

At Sun City Solar Energy, every solar system installation is uniquely designed for each home or business. A custom solar array can be designed to fit your energy needs and to stay within your budget.

At Sun City Solar Energy, all solar system installations are completed by a certified and experienced crew, and a qualified Master Electrician performs all electrical work.

Overview of Project Process

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    Phone Call/Site Survey

    A Sun City Solar Advisor will work with you to determine your needs and budget and ensure a good location to install solar.  This normally starts with a phone call and may include an on-site survey to determine the best location for maximum solar production.

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    Final Proposal

    If the budget quote provided by your Solar Advisor is acceptable and within your budget, Sun City Solar Energy will provide a final proposal with a firm cost after taking into account specific material needed, required electrical work, permits, and other job-related costs.

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    Order Material

    After the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, Sun City Solar will order all required material and supplies.  Normally, modules and inverters can take 5-10 days to be delivered.

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    Seek Utility Approval and Applicable Permits

    Sun City Solar will work with you and your local utility to submit all required paperwork and permits.  Most utilities require a “Preliminary Site Review” form to be completed and submitted before starting an install, as well as an “Inter-Connection Agreement” after the install.  In addition, in any jurisdiction in which local authorities require a permit, Sun City Solar will apply for all permits and schedule any required post-install inspection visits.

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    Budget quote

    If you are unsure if solar is affordable, your Solar Advisor can design a system to fit within almost any budget parameters.  Just let your advisor know how much of your monthly electric bill you want to eliminate by adding solar, and the Advisor can give you an approximate price for a turn-key installed system.

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    Signed Contract

    A signed final proposal contract between Sun City Solar and the home or business owner will provide the details of the install, total cost, and a timeline for install completion. A deposit will also be collected with the signed contract.

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    Schedule/Install project

    After all, the material has been ordered, and a delivery date has been confirmed, Sun City Solar will schedule the install.  Most installs take 2-4 days to complete depending on the size of the system.  Unpredictable weather during certain times of the year can cause an install to be delayed until the weather improves.  Sun City Solar will work closely with each home or business owner to make the install process as smooth as possible.

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    Commission the System

    After the install is complete, Sun City Solar will schedule and coordinate all required inspections (Utility, Local Permit Jurisdiction).  After all, inspections are complete and paperwork submitted, Sun City Solar will turn your system on so you can enjoy clean, low-cost solar energy.

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