Solar System Service & Repair

Solar system service & repair are not required very often since they have very few moving parts. As a result, there are systems working today that have produced energy for 30+ years with no issues or repairs.

Normally, it is related to the inverter or a battery backup system when there is an issue or an error. However, online and local monitoring systems allow an owner to quickly determine if there is an issue going on with the solar array. For example, sun City Solar can usually diagnose and repair an issue through the online monitoring system without ever needing to visit the site. This means your system is back up and running as quickly as possible without costing you lost production.

If an issue cannot be resolved and the equipment must be replaced, Sun City Solar will assess the equipment warranty and work with the equipment manufacturers to facilitate any paperwork associated with the warranty claim.

Signs you may need service?

o Error message on your inverter/monitoring system
o Unusually high electric bill
o Module that is under-producing on your monitoring system
o Battery system not operating properly
o Damaged equipment, loose conduit/wiring

Solar System Services & Repairs offered

o Equipment Upgrades & System Expansion

• Sun City Solar Energy can assess your current equipment and design an expansion that will fit seamlessly into your existing solar array

• Do you have older modules or inverters that are not producing like they did when they were new? Let Sun City Solar upgrade your system to the newest technology to maximize your energy production.

o Inverter and Module Replacement (Warranty Assessment)

• A broken module or inverter is costing you money every day. It is not producing energy for your home or business.  Sun City Solar will assess any existing manufacturing warranties before replacing any equipment.  Sun City Solar will locate similar equipment that works with your existing array if the equipment is no longer under warranty.

o Battery System

• If you live in an off-grid home, having a reliable battery system to provide energy is of the utmost importance.  When the battery system goes down or is no longer working properly, the home does not have adequate power to function.  Sun City Solar has the battery knowledge and experience to get your system back up and running.

• Do you have an existing solar array but want to add emergency battery backup? Sun City Solar can design a battery backup system for your home or business based on your existing array.

o Data Monitoring Repair and Installation aids solar system service and repair

• Online and local data monitoring is vital to ensure the system operates and produces energy as designed.  If your monitoring system is showing errors or not showing daily production, Sun City Solar can diagnose and repair most issues with any monitoring system.

• If your array was initially installed without data monitoring, call Sun City Solar to install an online monitoring system capable of being monitored 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

o System Performance Check-up/Error Correction

If your system doesn’t seem to be producing as much energy as when it was new, or you have repeated errors in the system, Sun City Solar can do a System Performance Check-up.

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