Sun City Solar Energy
Mid-South’s Top Solar Contractor

• Mid South’s Most Experienced Solar Installer…ranked a “Top Contactor” by Solar Power Magazine
• In operation since 1983…we’ve installed 100’s of residential and commercial solar projects
• Over 75 years of combined solar experience in the industry installing every type of solar technology and manufacturer

Why Go Solar?


Tax Credits

A big part of the project cost is underwritten by the Federal Government with a credit on your taxes that will carry over each year, if needed.

Cut Your Bills

A solar system can eliminate or significantly cut your electricity bill allowing you to see immediate returns on your investment.

Increased Home Value

A home with little or no electricity cost is worth more. You’ll have a project payback in 6-8 years in most cases.

Our Projects

For over 35 years, Sun City Solar has been designing, installing, and repairing solar systems in the Mid-South U.S. From Arkansas to Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas we’ve worked on everything from solar hot water and pool heaters to whole-home solar. The map shows locations of some of our more recent projects. See our Testimonials page for results of many of these projects.

Our Offices

Eastern Oklahoma

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