Commercial Solar Panel Services:
Powering Your Business with the Sun

We provide comprehensive solar services for businesses, delivering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solar power solutions tailored to your commercial needs.

Amplify Your Business
with the Power of Solar

Harness the sun's energy to power your business, reduce your energy costs, and contribute to a sustainable future. As a leading Commercial Solar Company, we provide in-depth site surveys, cutting-edge system designs, and expert Commercial Solar Panel Installation. With regional teams in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, we're your local experts in solar energy. We understand the unique energy needs and challenges of commercial solar power and the local community.

Start Your Solar Journey

Solar Power Site Survey and Initial Consultation

Our local experts will visit your business to conduct a site survey and initial consultation. We'll assess your energy needs, answer your questions, and provide a customized solar solution. Book your consultation today and discover the benefits of solar power.

Customized Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar System Design

We design your solar system based on your business's specific energy needs and site characteristics. Our team ensures your system is optimized for maximum efficiency and savings. Experience the benefits of a well-designed solar system with Sun City Solar Energy.

Seamless Solar Installation

Commercial Solar System Installation

Our professional team installs your solar system in compliance with local codes and regulations. We manage the process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless transition to solar power. Discover the Sun City Solar Energy difference.

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Choose Your Solar Solution

Commercial Solar System Types
We specialize in various types of commercial solar systems, including grid-tied solar systems, grid-tied solar systems with battery backup, and off-grid solar systems. Our team designs a solar solution that aligns with the commercial building’s specific energy needs and your business goals. Learn more about our offerings below:


Grid-Tied Commercial Solar Systems

Connect your business to the grid and generate your own power with our grid-tied solar systems. Ideal for businesses with reliable grid access.

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Grid-Tied Commercial Solar Systems with Battery Backup

Enjoy the benefits of a grid-tied system with the added security of a battery backup. Ideal for businesses in areas with frequent power outages.

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Off-Grid Commercial Solar Systems

Operate independently with our off-grid solar power systems. Ideal for remote businesses or those looking for complete energy independence.

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Happy Clients Transitioned to Sustainable Energy Solutions

with the most experienced solar energy contractor serving Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, East Oklahoma, and Southern Missouri.

Sun City Solar and Zach provided excellent and knowledgeable service. He goes above and beyond addressing any need or questions even after installation. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Nora Leilani ReynoldsHomeowner - Joplin, MO

Buying green power was a small part of our construction costs and will pay for itself many times over.

John C.Development Co. President - Lowell, AR

The entire process was great, from the consultation to the installation check-up call. I highly recommend this company.

Janice P.Homeowner - Little Rock, AR

Zach is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. You could not ask for better service. Mine was an older system, and he was able to maximize its best use.

Donald BaackHomeowner - Joplin, MO

It’s been over a year and a half since you installed solar collectors on our roof. And we’re still very pleased! Sun City Solar was prompt and professional. The installation was well-done, and we were very pleased with the way you folks did the job. It’s good to see our electric meter run backward.

David R.Homeowner - Gravette, AR

You can see when the Solar Power Electric kicked in. We went from 52 kW daily usage to 8 kW!

Kathleen D.Homeowner - Norman, OK

Your Partner in Commercial Solar Energy


Step 1
Our experts will assess your energy needs and provide a customized solar solution.

Step 2

Our team will install your Solar Energy System with minimal disruption to your routine.


Step 3
We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your system performs optimally.

Power Your Business
with Sun City Solar Energy

Sun City Solar Energy is your trusted partner in commercial solar solutions. We believe in the transformative power of solar energy and are committed to making this sustainable, cost-effective power source accessible to businesses like yours. Our team of Solution Specialists guides you through every step of the process, from initial consultation and site survey to design, installation, and maintenance of your solar system. We provide a solar solution that's tailored to your business and energy needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and savings. With Sun City Solar Energy, you're not just getting a solar provider - you're getting a trusted partner in your journey towards a more sustainable future.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

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