Customer Testimonials

solar power site survey

World Gym, New Construction

Solar Hot Water and Seasonal Solar Pool Heating

“Buying green power was a small part of our construction costs and will pay for itself many times over”.  

John C, Development Co. President

Lowell, AR

Residential Grid-Tied Solar System

“Thanks again for sending a great team to manage the installation. Put me down in the six months plus time frame to begin to watch for another great deal on panels. We measured and found I have room for up to another 34 panels should the price be right and electric rate conditions make it look good. Mark me down as a happy customer. Should you ever come across another customer who wants to chat a bit with one of your previous install customers don’t hesitate to let me know and I would be glad to relate my experience.

Doug G., Homeowner

Sulphur Springs, AR

Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Grid-Tied Solar System

“We started getting Net Metering Applications and wanted to raise the profile of solar electric power systems as a viable alternative energy source for Arkansans. To our knowledge, this is the largest solar power energy system in North Little Rock. This project helps us move toward our goal of becoming a sustainable City. Sun City Solar was a key partner in the project.”

Eric H, Power Electronics Engineer

North Little Rock, AR

Residential Grid-Tied Solar System

“It’s been more than a year and a half since you folks installed solar collectors on our roof. And we’re still very pleased! Sun City Solar was prompt and professional. The installation was well-done and we were very pleased with the way you folks did the job. It’s good to see our electric meter run backward.”

David R., Homeowner

Gravette, AR

Residential Grid-Tied Solar System

“You can see when the Solar Power Electric kicked in. We went from 52 kW daily usage to 8 kW!”

Kathleen D., Homeowner

Norman, OK

Residential Grid-Tied Solar System

“Your team did a great job on the installation with minimal interruption to our household (and dogs!) The installers were professional, clean, and fast. Any question we had was very clearly explained and handled promptly. Overall, an A+ experience for us. What a great Return on Investment! Thank you for helping us lessen our family’s carbon footprint.”

Jim & Beck F., Homeowners

Garfield, AR

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