Solar Power Site Survey And Initial Consultation

When you contact a Sun City Solar Advisor, they will discuss your needs and goals and gather pertinent details about your location initially over the phone. After the initial discussion, the Advisor will perform a preliminary site survey based on the site’s address. A preliminary solar power site survey is performed online by looking at the home or business on Google Earth and Project Sunroof. This allows the Advisor to quickly determine if the location is suitable for a solar array and how much room is available on the roof or ground to install an array.

The Advisor can provide an estimated project cost and estimated energy production from the array from the preliminary solar power site survey.

If the estimated project cost is acceptable, the Advisor will schedule a time to visit the site and perform a solar power site survey at the location. Google Earth and Project Sunroof are great tools for estimating costs and production, but a site visit will allow the Advisor to determine if shading or obstructions that could not be seen online are an issue. Information and location of the main electrical panel and the utility meter will also be documented to ensure Sun City Solar can install a system that is up to code and will be safe for the system’s lifetime.

What Information Do We Collect For A Solar Power Site Survey?

  • Roof design (azimuth, pitch, height), age and condition, obstructions (chimney, pipes, skylight)
  • Electric service panel – location, space to install dedicated solar breaker?
  • Utility meter location
  • Shading Issues (Trees, buildings, roof obstructions)

Also, the Advisor will collect pictures of the roof, electrical service panel, meter, and any factors impacting the system price and performance.