Solar Energy Component Warranty

Sun City Solar can install a grid-tied system that comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty on all the major components (modules, microinverters) of a solar array. This means that not only will your system pay for itself quickly, but it will still be making energy and money for 25, 30, 35+ years.

Module Warranty

Most modules sold today come with both a Product and a Performance warranty. Products are covered typically for 10-15 years and cover manufacturing defects. Modules do not have any moving parts and rarely stop working. The Performance Warranty is a linear power coverage guaranteeing the power output at 25 years to be at least 80% of the original module power output. All modules slowly degrade over time, but the coverage will ensure it does not degrade quicker than expected.

Inverters Are Also Covered

Microinverters come with a 25-year product warranty, just like the modules. In addition to the ease of installation and monitoring capabilities, this is one of the biggest reasons microinverters have become the go-to inverter for residential installs. Pairing a module and a microinverter with matching 25-year warranties will ensure you are getting the most out of your investment long into the future.

String Inverters typically come with 10-15 year product warranties. While the warranty is shorter than micro inverters, string inverters can last just as long as microinverters.

Battery Warranty

Depending on the battery chosen, most are covered for 7 years. However, the newer batteries that are being developed and sold, like the LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall, come with coverage of 10+ years.

Sun City Promise On Labor 

Sun City Solar provides a 2-year labor warranty on all installs. If there is an issue with components of the array in the first 2 years after installation, Sun City will perform a service call to correct the issue at no cost. If the issue has to do with a module or inverter, Sun City will work with the manufacturer to provide a replacement through the warranty program.